Providing quality
land surveys while being considerate of others


My name is Jacob, I am a licensed Arizona Land Surveyor. I provide land surveying services to land owners, communities, and businesses in Yavapai County Arizona and the surrounding regions. I am formally trained with a bachelors degree in Land Surveying and I am well rounded in experience from the time I have spent working on a myriad of land surveys. I have worked in the private sector for small surveying companies and mid-sized engineering firms, and I have worked in the public sector for the Bureau of Land Management, and so I have seen a variety of projects and a variety of surveying practices. From the beginning my favorite projects have been rural boundary surveys, these types of surveys go by several different names and so you might know them better by the name “property surveys” or “lot line surveys”.

Being a Christian and a man of integrity I always try to be considerate of others, and as part of this I have a high regard for people’s land. I know how important a person’s property is and so I conduct my surveys to high standards to ensure each and every project is done right regardless of the barriers that confront me.

When I’m not working on a survey I can be found exploring the back country, playing the guitar and composing music, or enjoying community events.

Surveyors, the skilled, rugged and daring men who went before the westward bound settlers and railroads to map and mark out the wild expanse of the great western lands that lay ahead.