A few things I do

Surveyors perform a wide variety of tasks so if you don’t see the particular surveying service you need then give me a call, there is a good chance I can help you out.

Boundary Surveys
(Property Surveys)

Boundary surveys are often called “property line surveys” or “lot line surveys”. In this type of survey the boundary lines of a parcel of land are determined and then marked on the ground. If you don’t know where your property lines or property corners are and you need to find them then this is the type of survey you need.

Survey Drafting Services

I provide drafting services for land surveying companies as well as error checking maps and other documents. I can work in both Carlson and Civil 3D.

Legal Descriptions & exhibits

A Legal Description is the describing of the boundaries of a tract of land using only words. The deed to your property uses a legal description to describe what you own. An Exhibit is a map that is included with the legal description and visually shows the property being described.

Locating & marking easements

Both attorneys and land surveyors share in the work needed for easements. I can find and mark existing easements, and I can help in creating and filing paperwork for new easements.

Topographic Surveys
(mapping Surveys)

Topographic surveys are the mapping of the existing conditions of a piece of land via field survey methods, and then the producing a map depicting the area surveyed. These types of surveys and maps can show a significant amount of information about a tract of land.

building stakeouts

Houses and other buildings often need to be located in a certain spot on a parcel of land with a variety of variables dictating the location. For this type of survey I help determine the location and then I stake it out on the ground so the builder will know where to construct the house.

construction Surveys

Construction Surveys are the staking of points on the ground to guide the construction of residential or commercial structures and improvements.

Agricultural Support Surveys

I spent my teenage years working on a ranch, and years later I worked for a surveying company that specialized in agricultural support. I like agriculture and so I am delighted to offer a wide range of survey support for farms, ranches, and other agricultural enterprises.

ALTA Surveys

American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys are usually performed for commercial properties and ventures where a lender desires to know what is located on a property and to be assured that the property boundary is correct.