Enjoy professional maps and prompt service

I provide land survey drafting services to companies located throughout the United States.

As a licensed land surveyor I have a deep understanding of what is needed on a survey map and I can draft any type of map you need. Once I learn your style and standard practices then my maps require little to no redlining thus saving you time in the review process.

As I draft a map I review the work that was done and so help to give you peace of mind knowing that another licensed land surveyor has reviewed the work also.

Send me projects to ease your burden when the workload is up; or use my services on a regular basis!

Needed Information

When drafting a map I like to have access to the full package of information for the survey, this includes:

– CAD file with your boundary resolution
– Points file (.crd, .csv, .txt)
– Field notes
– Surveys and plats from your research
– Deeds

I can also work with minimal information if that is what you prefer.


Base fee is $375 for a 1 sheet map.

If a map is simple and I am able to draft it up quicker than normal then I charge less than the base $375.

On the other hand if a map is more complicated or requires 2 sheets then I will need to charge some extra to cover the additional time spent drafting the map.

We discuss beforehand whether or not a map is going to cost extra and so you don’t need to worry about any surprise extra costs.

Initial Setup

Upon initially using my services I like to receive some additional information to assist me in drafting your maps, this includes:

– Example maps
– Field codes (with description for each)
– Point ranges (with description for each)
– Field-to-finish file (if you are using one)

Making maps is my favorite part of surveying and it has come naturally to me since day one.

I began drafting while in the Civil Technology program at a local community college where I studied under topnotch professors. The program was drafting intensive in both the survey and civil engineering fields, ultimately I settled into just survey drafting when I started in the Geomatics program at a state university. I have continued drafting throughout my career while working for surveying companies, engineering firms, and now in my own land surveying business.

I’ve had the opportunity of working with a variety of CAD software including Carlson Survey with IntelliCAD, Carlson Survey with AutoCAD, Autodesk’s Land Development Desktop, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map, and Terramodel. I’ve also worked with ERDAS and Pix4D for photogrammetry; as well as QGIS, ArcGIS, and Carlson GIS.

If you need drafting help then give me a call or send me an email, it will be my pleasure to serve you.